Watermelon and Dreamsicles


How does summer speak to you? Is it in the laughter heard at pool parties, the glow radiating from a firefly (if you’re from the South), the crackling of a campfire?

        Summer has been bottled up into two treats for me: watermelon, and dreamsicles. Since childhood, I look forward to that time when you see watermelons in the farmers market, coming not from a faraway tropical locale, but from your neighboring town (or even a generous neighbor). Ok, you can find dreamsicles anytime of the year (and, ok, fine, watermelon too). But even as an adult, I only allow myself these indulgences during the summer, in order to preserve their essence as the warmest season’s offerings.

With the sweetness of the fruit and popsicle in mind, I wore an outfit this weekend combining their warm hues. While eating a slice of watermelon, of course.
Blog post

Blog post,cont

Please excuse (or enjoy a laugh at) my funny faces. I may feel confident in my style, but I’m still working on those modeling skills.

Blog post, cont2 Camera pics 036

Also, an honorable mention to the side braid: I’m loving this hairstyle for the summer. Easy, effortless, and worn well with fedoras, beach hats, and bike helmets.

Blog post 5, cont

Blog post 6, cont

Camera pics 039

Outfit details: Shift dress, Old Navy (from last year). Birkenstocks (as comfy as they say), Nordstrom. Sunglasses, Pepper (found at REI). Beehive pendant,  Yellow Owl Workshop. Pyramid Bangle, Amsha Studio. Green bracelet, gift.


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