Welcome to Walla Walla: GOTR, Day 1

GOTR 024
Phone 541

GOTR 020.2

GOTR Walla Walla 009 (1)

Welcome to Walla Walla, indeed. The great people and businesses of this town went all out welcoming festival goer’s and musicians alike.  I arrived on what was day 2; work kept me from attending the opening festivities on Thursday. Many local artists played in downtown Walla Walla, and everyone talked about the great music to be heard.

For the next couple days, I will be camping out with other music-lovers, listening to bands both on the main stage and in downtown Walla Walla venues, and enjoying the local food and drink. This lady of the road is ready to rock!

GOTR 018  GOTR 026

Camera pics 536

Also, something to remember at an event like this: be kind to people. Yes, you are probably going to wait in line. To get into the parking lot. To get into the campground. You are probably going to wait to set up your tent. You’ll wait to get food, water, and then finally, to get into the festival that you came all this way for, and most likely everyone is doing their best to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. Everybody is in the same boat. So let’s enjoy the music, the experience, and be kind, ok?

GOTR 011 GOTR Walla Walla 008


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