“There’s a little bit of magic, everybody has it”

GOTR Walla Walla 013


Like Jenny says..everybody has it, and it was present throughout the GOTR festival. Here’s to a weekend of great music, people, and place.

Camera pics 593






On my final morning in Walla Walla, I got ready for my road trip home by wandering about and taking pictures of the neighborhoods and more of downtown..

Blog photos 003
Blog photos 005

Blog photos 034

Blog photos 020
Blog photos 011

Blog photos 012

Blog photos 017        Blog photos 018

Blog photos 031Blog photos 026







Blog photos 032 Blog photos 033 GOTR Walla Walla 015 (1)


And the parting song from Mumford and Sons:

It was fantastic. They performed it as their final song in the encore, and invited many of the other performers back onto the stage, and so we were treated again to Jenny Lewis, Blake Mills, and several other band members performing this song with Mumford (despite the imperfect sound quality, you get an idea of how amazing it is).

Ok, one final treat..


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