City Love: Cali dreamin’

Earlier this fall, I visited one of my childhood friends in her current home of San Francisco. It was one of those weekends where your soul and the universe are in sync. Unlike those times when the two seem at odds, the world jives with you: plans come together seamlessly, you do everything you hoped to and more, the smog lifts, the sun comes out, and you remember how great life is and how lucky you are to be in it, with people you love by your side .

I also fell in with San Francisco. Not hard to do, right? My friend and I had several conversation about how cities romance you. If San Francisco were a Tinder profile, it would be that sexy, flashy guy who you know is going to break your heart. Portland’s more of that cute, slacker guy that you think you can change and you realize after a while it’s best just to move on. My friend and I agree Boise is marriage material. You can settle down with Boise. Boise isn’t too big or small; it’s just right. It’s not going to break your heart. It has the outdoors and a vibrant downtown scene, but not so many great things going on that you feel overwhelmed…how much further can I take this analogy?

Anyway, back to SF. I was ready to drop everything and move there after this weekend. She totally seduced me with her hilltop views, sunshine, Tartine, North Beach, Dolores Park..(sigh). I know why California is in an overcrowded, expensive, smog-filled state.

I also realized during this trip the three ingredients that make for a happy visit anywhere: friends, the outdoors (especially with biking involved), and food. Doesn’t take a lot to please me, right?

What follows are some of the sights and deliciousness I was treated to over my weekend in SF. Try not to let her ensnare you with her sexiness. Just try.

Dolores Park
Hula-hooping in Golden Gate Park
Hiking on Mt. Tamalpais

SF,2015hike (1).jpg SF,2015,outfit6 (1).jpgSF,2015,thai (1).jpgSF,2015,outfit5 (1).jpg   IMG9503351.jpg    SF,2015,BB (1).jpg

Outfit photos and practicing pouts at the Balm. If you are looking for new makeup, look no further. After being able to test all the products, my friend and I both were so impressed we bought several. Their BalmShelter tinted moisturizer is my favorite.

We visited the Alabama on Alabama exhibit connected to Heath Pottery. All of the beautiful things.

SF,2015,AL5 (1).jpg       SF,2015,AL2 (1).jpg

Alabama exhibit, with artwork by Butch Anthony. You can read more about his and Natalie Chanin’s work here.

Part of the charm my friend introduced me to is the local SF coffee scene. We decided to spend one of our mornings biking from her Excelsior-neighborhood apartment through the Mission District, winding up in Valencia, touring the different selections of coffeehouses along the way (and getting WAAY too caffeinated).

2015-09-06 01.24.05.jpg
Dynamo Donuts and CoffeeSf,2015,DD2 (2).jpg

First stop was Dynamo. Coffee and donuts, oh my. And wonderful outdoor seating.

SF,2015Donuts (1).jpg2015-09-06 00.56.42.jpgIMG9502751 (1).jpg

Then, on to Sightglass. Beautiful pour overs and espresso from unique regions.

0906151255 (2).jpg  0906151219 (2).jpg0906151220 (1).jpg
SF2015,SG4 (2).jpg

Next, lunch and Blue Bottle coffee at the delectable Tartine.

SF,2015,Tartine (2).jpg  0906151515 (1).jpg

And finally, we ended our coffee tour at Ritual.

SF,2015,Ritual (1).jpg

It was an amazing day, and an amazing weekend in San Francisco. Already looking forward to my next visit..and more coffee.

Until then, ciao for now, San Francisco.

IMG_02601 (1).jpg


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