Back to school, ring the bell

Fall 2015

Hello and bom dia! It has been a while. When I first started my blog, I planned to post once a week. And somehow, it is October, and September went by in silence for this small slice of the web-o-sphere.

I can attribute it to many reasons. Mainly, I’m going to blame it on moving at the beginning of the month. Moving is stressful, right? Mentally and physically: overloading boxes to make as few trips to your car/moving truck as possible, letting said boxes block your view, causing you to almost sail over your parents dog. And then there’s the mental taxation of leaving the place you know and adjusting to a new environment.

All considered,it’s been a positive move of fresh starts and a lovely new neighborhood; a move born out of my choice to set out on my own and navigate a new territory– even if it’s on the other side of a state, not the other side of a country, it feels big to me.

When I first noticed I’d let a month slip by without writing an entry, I felt stressed and overwhelmed by the back-logged blog posts I’d thought up and never published. Then I took a look at the last post I wrote. And chuckled a little. Turns out Past Sonya was looking out for Present Sonya and wanting to remind her of the power of being adaptable to change.

In that spirit, here’s to the ‘back to school’ season, or, in this case, back-to-blogging season. Let’s take up with that spirit of returning to academia, and let the writing commence.

Here are a few bits of what’s been inspiring me this month:

  1. Amy Schumer. She is hilarious and brilliant. I love what she is doing for comedy and for the world. A recent Ms. feature pointed out how her comedy can (and has) influence topics in politics. This sketch is relevant, hilarious, and a little sad considering the way we inadvertently teach our football players, and youth in general, to approach women. Here’s to comedy inspiring change.
  2. Cider. Ooh, chilly fall weather and cider. I recently got to hear Jeff Smith talk about cider and his new book , and learned about some of the cider breweries in the Pacific Northwest, including Long Drop Cider. Get yourself some.
  3. This girl can sing. I had the pleasure of hearing Lake Street Dive open for Grace Potter, and it was great to see a successful female artist sharing her spotlight with another talented lady musician.

Now go enjoy this season with some comedy, good music, and a cider in hand.

Until next week.


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