Movie Monday: Mistress America

I like traditions. So I’m planning to implement a few on my blog. First up: Movie Monday

The first pick plays into what might end up being a larger theme in this blog: inspirational women in the arts.

Mistress America is a collaboration between writer/actor/director Greta Gerwig, and director/writer Noah Baumbach. It follows Greta in the lead role as Brooke, a confident New Yorker who meets her soon-to-be step sister, Tracy, a college (and New York) newbie. The two form a fast friendship. and Brooke’s whirlwind life begins to inspire Tracy’s writing. The movie is funny and relevant: Brooke’s initial confidence belies her insecurity about not following through with the numerous endeavors she pursues. She’s still just trying to figure the world out and where she belongs in it..aren’t we all?

Tracy: “Do you ever get that feeling when you are on a car trip that you never want to get where you’re going. That you never want it to end?”

Check it out.

Pictures from the movie tumbler.


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