Mindy Monday

Ok, so not movie Monday today– t.v. show Monday. Breaking out of the tradition..I’m going to call it being creative. Because I want to talk about Mindy Kaling, and mainly, her brainchild, The Mindy Project. It’s on my mind because I just finished watching the first episode of season 4, and the first episode since the show’s move to Hulu. Let me tell you: any concerns over how the move would affect the show were immediately laughed away. The Mindy Project is back, baby, and it’s as strong as ever in its 4th season.

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As you’ve probably noticed, I have an immense amount of admiration and appreciation for women writers out there, especially women comedy writers, rocking it in what has for so long been a male-dominated force field. To watch a show written, produced, directed and starring a woman is awesome– it shows us females that we can be anything we want to be (and ya, we hopefully already knew that, but it’s nice to have some real-life examples).

Regardless of gender, what makes the show so awesome is the confidence that the title character brings to every situation. I love watching it because I find myself imbued with Mindy’s confidence after every episode, and it’s what keep me coming back for more. It’s rare to find a show that makes you feel that way, that presents a strong female role model who does not apologize for who she is.

If you want to hear more about Mindy Kaling’s views on confidence, Glamour has a good article (and excerpt from her new book) here.

In the start of season 4, we get to see Mindy and Danny’s relationship continuing to blossom, still complete with all the challenges every relationship brings. While there’s a tendency for shows to lose spice when the two characters you knew from the beginning were going to get together finally do (ahem, New Girl), Mindy keeps the romance between Mindy and Danny spicy. Guest appearances from the likes of Joseph Gordon Levvit definitely help that cause.

If you’re even considering not watching because of the show’s move to Hulu, stop it. It’s so great. Just use your sister’s Hulu account if you don’t have one..I mean, sorry Hulu. Don’t be cheap. Get your own, people! Mindy makes it worth it.


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