Christmas with palm trees

FloridaChristmas5 (1).JPG

Having grown up in a desert climate with 4 full seasons, I always thought Christmas would not feel complete without cold weather and ideally, a bit of snow. Not anymore. Turns out I am more than happy to have the holidays sans snow and plus beach, sun, and sand. I’ll take Christmas day beach runs, body-surfing and sunsets any holiday.

This year, I got treated to all of those things in the Sunshine State. Yes, Christmas in Florida. No coats, barely even the need for a sweater, and beach-time. For those of you in the cold, I’m not trying to invoke jealousy, and I hope I can warm you up a bit with some of the sunshine in these pictures.

Having all traveled from much colder regions (winter isn’t coming, it is here- GOTR reference, anybody?), my family and I spent as much time as possible outdoors, finding nature reserves in abundance, exploring mangroves, and watching beach sunsets.

FC2015 (1).JPGFloridaChristmas16 (1).JPG

FloridaChristmasoutside22 (1).JPGFlorida ChristmasOut (2).JPG

Floridachristmas20 (1).JPG

FloridaChristmasBeach (1).JPG

Happy Holidays!


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