Movie Monday: Swooning for Swanberg

For today’s edition of Movie Monday, I want to highlight a director whose work has been inspiring me for the last few years: Joel Swanberg.

My Swanberg obsession start with my sister’s recommendation of the movie Drinking Buddies. I had less than high expectations: just seeing the cover image on Netflix brought to mind frat boy comedies and overconsumption. And then I watched it, and I was happily surprised by the dynamic relationships it explored and the unexpected choices characters make.

Since then, I’ve watched Digging for Fire and Win It All, and his films continue to present the complex relationships that I enjoy seeing actors dive into. They are dialogue heavy, which is a personal preference of mine, especially when the dialogue feels like it could be taken from everyday conversations. Swanberg also has a skill for bringing together entertaining groups of talented actors: Jake Johnson (most known from New Girl), Brie Larson, Mike Birbiglia, and most recently, Keegan-Michael Key. I’m already looking forward to his next work.


Image from Win It All, taken from the, via Netflix




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