Movie Monday: Parallel Universe in Washington?

I watched “Twin Peaks” for the first time three years ago. I was instantly sucked in by the bizarre world of David Lynch: the small Washington lumber town, the fascinating characters, Kyle MacLachlan. Kyle MacLachlan. Kyle M– ok, you get the idea. But he’s awesome. (whisper) Kyle MacLachlan.

I also had the feeling I’d seen something really similar before, and it turns out, I kind of had. About two years before I was sucked in by another show, “The Killing.” It also takes place in Washington. It also has dark undertones and a lot of mist. I tried researching these coincidences to see if anyone else had talked about them, and I found disappointingly little internet chatter. Which is why I’m taking up blog space to do it.

With the return of “Twin Peaks” (I’ll reserve my thoughts on that for another post),  I thought I’d take a minute to point out some of the parallels between the two shows.

What “Twin Peaks” and “The Killing” have in common:

  1. The echoey, eery intro music.                                                                                          When I first heard the “Twin Peaks” intro, I thought it was taken from “The Killing.” Then I realized it was obviously the other way around– having been made 15 years earlier, “Twin Peaks” probably influenced the sound of “The Killing.”
  2. Both are set in Washington state. I realize I already pointed this out.
  3. The dissapearance and murder of a young girl.
  4. Strange goings-on at casinos.
  5. Actress Grace Zabriskie. She plays Sara Palmer in “Twin Peaks” (Laura’s Mom) and Mama Dips in “The Killing.”

Despite these surface similarities, the two shows are pretty different. “The Killing” is like a “Law and Order SVU” that draws the crime out through two seasons laden with (*spoiler alert*) red herrings. “Twin Peaks” is dramatic, often creepy, and contains Lynch’s trademark departures from reality and dream sequences that we aren’t really sure are dream sequences. I’d still like to think that the creators of “The Killing” did not accidentally include so many parallels but that they also really like “Twin Peaks” and wanted to give a nod to the similarities.

Also, if you’re a Twin Peaks fan and ever watched How I Met Your Mother, did you notice the two TP actors who make an appearance in later seasons? Check it out.


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